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Unfortunately, at present when everyone seems to be in a sheer dilemma of what to do, which vaccine to get, hospital or home quarantine, and many more such doubts, we are already losing people from amongst us, in a snap of the finger. Before you understand, someone is just gone!! Sadly, we have seen the demise of 3 teammates’ family members in the last week itself. This has made us deeply concerned about the current situation, where we directly cannot do anything but yes, we can at least guide the team upon the current scenario.

Team #B2BSalesArrow is very thankful to honorable Dr. Yogendra Lohani and Dr. Lalita Lohani carrying four decades plus experience in the medical field, for taking out time and enlightening us and broadening the sphere of our knowledge on the current Covid-19 scenario in our Saturday Health Session on 8th May 2021.

Starting from best practices and correct usage of Mask, they guided us upon the importance of the vaccine, which Yogasan and exercises should be done, diet to be followed, keeping ourselves safe from and cleared many myths of the team with respect to Covid-19, Vaccine, and Tests. They also guided upon few special case scenarios.

Few valuable insights from the same session: –

Vaccination: It is safe and an absolute must! Getting a vaccine will build the immunity in 4-6 weeks, both the shots are mandatory for effective coverage. Wave 3 will soon hit all of us again, Children will also be impacted. The only way out is getting vaccinated.

Yoga and Exercise: It has been proven good to perform some or the other physical exercises like Walking, or Yogasans like Kapal Bhati, Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika to improve the respiratory system and give strength to the lungs. Also, lying/sleeping face down helps the posterior lungs expand and increase the flow of oxygen.

Basic Equipments: Pulse Oximeter, Thermometer, and a few antibiotics and medicines are advised to keep handy for a quick check on the situation.

Precautions when tested positive: After testing positive, isolate yourself immediately. Monitor your Oxygen level and temperature every 3-4 hours and connect with an Expert immediately if the Oxygen level dips below 92 or the temperature rises above 100 Degrees.

Diet: Take a high protein, less oily, low on carbs diet. Add in plenty of fresh fruits and raw vegetables. Avoid taking non-vegetarian food.

Let us hope to come out of this gloomy situation very soon and can meet each other in person and not virtually.

Thank you once again to Dr. Yogendra Lohani and Dr. Lalita Lohani for the deep insights.  

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