4 Must-Dos while Acquiring the C-Suite for your Virtual Events

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With hundreds of emails inundating the inboxes of C-Suite executives, acquiring them as delegates for a virtual event is a tough proposition. The most sought-after league of decision-makers is always time-strapped and wouldn’t pay attention to your offering unless they are convinced that the event will bring significant value. Thus, acquiring top executives for a virtual event requires a laser focussed approach.

Creating a customized database of the targeted audience followed by a strategic email outreach campaign is the key to connect with your prospects. Timely follow-up emails will help you in keeping the audiences hooked to be able to turn them into attendees. A content syndication campaign can boost your chances to reach out to the executives. 

B2B Sales Arrow recommends four key points to take on board while trying to acquire a C-Suite audience for your virtual event. 

Make Things Simple & Secured For Your C-level Audience

The C-Suite executives are always hard-pressed for time. So, if you want to gain their trust and get them to register for your event, you must consider a registration process that is easy to navigate, with a distraction-free landing page design and crystal clear content. The top executives are always conscious about sharing their data. Therefore, you must make an effort to assure your audience of data security, with end-to-end data encryption.

Incorporating strong visual elements into your communication can improve your chances to connect with your C-Suite prospects. A Quartz study shows that 66% of the top executives found data visualizations a major draw to the content, followed by photography (52%) and charts (42%).

Industry Heavyweights and Thought leaders as Speakers

You must strive to bring on board, industry heavyweights and eminent thought leaders as keynote speakers and panelists. Besides being a value builder as they share the latest trends and technological development within a specific industry, their presence also renders the much-needed X-factor that draws a C-Suite audience to your event.

Relevant and Hyper-Personalized Content 

In a virtual setting, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that your content is the soul of your event. Your event agenda is your first inducement and so, it must be customized specifically to your C-Suite audience. Top executives are always in pursuit of ideas that are intriguing and useful. They fancy value-based solutions that address the challenges their industry is facing currently and are highly concerned with their overall outcome and impact. The information must have credible sources and must avoid or minimize any trace of a sales pitch, else, your audience will shy away from the event. 

It is recommended that every detail of the campaign be tailored to connect with each target’s name, designation, function, geography, etc. Personalized URLs could be one way of achieving this level of customization. A microsite carrying the top executive’s name, such as www.YourEventName.com is most likely to leave a deeper impression on the recipient. Hyper personalization has the potential to drive one-on-one conversation.

High-Quality Networking Opportunities

With a virtual event, just because you can’t shake hands with your peers, your opportunity for networking doesn’t disappear.

The C-Suite executives deeply value the opportunity to connect with peers and experts, but they also expect quality assurance on the fellow attendees, i.e., they are keen to know the guests and speakers’ profile – their line of business, the positions they hold, etc. One CEO will accept the invitation, only once they know their peers are already joining the event. Thus, inviting key participants from the outset not only elevates the standard of the event but also makes it easier for you to get the initial few CEOs on board.


The bottom line is that to have a bigger impact, you should acquire the C-Suite audience for your virtual events and expect their participation in your future events. Nevertheless, there are no shortcuts to achieving this. It is paramount that you develop a highly personalized and meaningful agenda, provide them with high-quality speakers and networking opportunities, backed by clear-cut communication all throughout. A well-thought-out strategy with the aforementioned ideas will help you captivate this elusive set of audiences.

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