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Scale Up Your Virtual Events With A Diverse C-Level Audience Worldwide & Fast-Track Your B2B Lead Generation Campaign

Invest in a custom Virtual Event Solution to acquire a highly-qualified C-suite audience, create quality networking opportunities to build deep attendee engagement and generate ace B2B leads to maximise your event ROI.
B2B Sales Arrow is a leading Virtual Event Technology Aggregator and Production Organisation that assists multi-billion-dollar organisations with end-to-end Virtual Event delivery across Europe, the US, and APAC.

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Virtual Event Solutions

Virtual Events Protocols

Deep Database Research

To secure qualified audience participation for your virtual event, our database experts identify target organizations and perform executive mapping to develop an exhaustive database of prospects that perfectly match the Client’s Ideal Customer Profile.

Audience Acquisition

B2B Sales Arrow’s audience acquisition campaign incorporates inbound and outbound marketing tactics such as Email, LinkedIn, and Content Syndication Campaigns that build prospect engagement and draw registration page visits to acquire event registrations.

Our compelling microsite and informative e-flyers carry Call To Action (CTA) options for the audience and disseminate concise information on the event agenda, keynote speaker profiles, and key event takeaways.

Virtual Events

As a Virtual Event Technology Aggregator, B2B Sales Arrow collaborates with some of the world’s best Virtual Event Platforms and executes 2D, 3D graphic designs for the event production.

We coordinate with the event platform tech-support to execute pre-event setup and customization, QA check, and resource deployment for on-demand viewing. We render live event support to deliver an overall engaging experience for the audience.


Audience engagement is one of the critical factors that determine the success of your virtual events. Our engagement techniques incorporate a variety of tools such as Pre-event and Live-event Polls, Hiring Entertainment (sketch artists, magicians, brain hackers, musicians, stand-up comedians, etc.), Virtual Event Bags, Interactive Gamification Techniques, Social Media Contests, Tasting Sessions (champagne, wine, chocolate, fine dining), Networking Opportunities, Event Theme, and Quizzes.

Lead Engagement Matrix

We capture post-event feedback and analysis protocols to generate detailed reports carrying actionable insights that drive future virtual events.

Lead Nurturing

We leverage post-event analytics and execute outbound marketing tactics to develop and execute customized nurturing campaigns with the leads at every stage of the sales funnel to convert them into hot leads.

Media Presence