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Marketing Technology facilitates stronger marketing and sales alignment, improves CRM and contributes to faster sales. At B2BSA, we help you achieve all this and advance your marketing strategy based on today’s technology. Trust us, Marketing Tech is a lot more than blasting automated email newsletters and a lot less than losing sleep over it!

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the engine that powers your marketing success. We help you evaluate your business needs and turn your leads into returning customers with high-end automation tools such as Cvent, Eloqua, GroupMail etc. Automation saves you time, improves time-to-market, lets you track user behaviour and enables you to continuously evaluate and adjust your campaign.



Analytics & Tracking

At B2B Sales Arrow, we let you track your marketing success all the way to bottom line ROI. We help you understand your end-to-end conversion cost, which campaigns are performing and which ones need optimization, how your customers are behaving across multiple devices and much more. With such an in-depth Behaviour Tracking, Email Analytics and Campaign Tracking, you can design your future strategy much better!


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