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B2BSA is your lead management partner trusted by hundreds of businesses around the world for over 8 years. Leveraging Telemarketing, Email and other Digital channels, we have generated highly qualified leads, which include C-level executives, EVPs, SVPs, VPs, Business Function Heads and Directors of various multi billion dollar companies. We can do the same for you!

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Active Prospecting

B2B Sales Arrow specialises in focused on-ground lead generation (Astute Active Prospecting) which includes developing and mapping target attendee list, securing pre-scheduled meetings with decision makers, initiating dialogue with industry titans at tradeshows, prospect filteration and generating 'HOT' leads.

One-on-one meetings with Key Decision Makers.

Hiring native Sales Executive to avoid language barriers.

Follow-up meetings and lead nurturing.

Appointment Setting

B2B Sales Arrow is a lead generation company where we prospect, you close. We take care of the B2B lists so you can focus on converting them into live business deals. Our appointment setting solutions incorporate both inbound marketing and outbound marketing techniques and ensure that only sales qualified leads and confirmed appointments reach your sales team. Our representatives are experienced, trained and certified to represent your brand professionally. Let them take the burden of sales prospecting for you!

Decision makers at the Director, VP, Executive or C level of contact.

Experience of generating leads in US, Europe, Latin America & Asia Pacific.



Account Profiling

We understand how important it is to engage with the correct leads. We support our customers with Target Account Profiling, Sales Intelligence & B2B Lead Generation to help them nurture only key accounts for maximum revenue. Our profile information generally includes rare insights into company history, financial overview, key competitor information, organizational chart, employee size, C-suite contacts etc. and can be as exhaustive as you need to meet your requirements.

Up-to-date account information.

Possibilities for up-selling and cross-selling.

Digital Outreach Campaign

B2B Sales Arrow has extensive experience and success with B2B telemarketing lead generation, sales pipeline management, email and social campaigns. Every call/ email/ message we make for you builds respect and trust in your brand that your competition can't touch. Our team of experienced in-country native telemarketers and online profilers ensure highest quality and you can turn to us with confidence for any Digital Outreach services.

Trained callers with expertise matched to your business.

Conversational calls, no scripts.

Customized emails & LinkedIn communication.



Lead Scoring

The lead scoring experts at B2B Sales Arrow help you optimize your data capture process and identify the funnel stage at which a lead should be passed to sales. We identify which leads are proactively seeking out information about you, manually update a contact’s lead score and send you alerts when a lead is nearing a milestone.

Predictive Lead Scoring & Segmentation.

Involvement of marketing & sales teams to define MQLs.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)

We aim to identify high-potential accounts and target them with customized tactics to help you build a stronger brand image and lasting relationships with target accounts. Our team of ABM strategists, technology experts and content specialists work with you to create a customized ABM strategy for your targets. We further measure your results and continuously optimize your campaigns for improved ROIs.

Target best-fit accounts.

Get company insights like size, competition, revenue etc.

Track Account Progression.



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