Business Development

  • Lead Generation

    Challenges: In today’s competitive world it is difficult to generate well qualified Business to Business (B2B) leads. Furthermore, in complex sales environment, where more than one senior executive are involved in decision making process, a lot of time is spent on lead generation and nurturing activities with no guarantee of success. This whole process distracts the sales team from their core job i.e. selling, thus reducing the efficiency of sales management and B2B marketing.

    Solution: B2B Sales Arrow’s outbound marketing expert team has worldwide experience in B2B marketing, B2B lead generation and IT lead generation processes. We generated highly qualified leads, which include CXOs, Chairman, EVPs, SVPs, VPs, Business Function Heads and Directors. Furthermore, we assist our clients in measuring the B2B marketing effectiveness.

    B2B Sales Arrow specialize in-

    • Research & analysis of Target Accounts / Executives
    • Lead Nurturing
    • Customizing mails & calls for communication
    • Conducting Business Development campaigns
    • Securing well qualified meetings
    • Conducting both pre and post meeting follow ups
    • Lead generation support across major industries (such as Banking, Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Telecommunication, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, etc.)
    • Lead generation support across major services (such as Finance and Accounting, Human Resource, Sourcing and Procurement, Knowledge Management, Sales and Fulfillment, Customer Service, Legal Process Outsourcing, etc.)
    • Lead Effectiveness Tool
    • Worldwide geographies: Our experts have past experience of generating leads in US, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.


    • Increasing the number of qualified meetings with key decision makers
    • Increasing brand and product awareness
    • Better monitoring of effectiveness of the meetings
    • Improving the quality of leads
    • Global penetration
    • Saving time and effort for core business activities

    Past experience: With our dedicated effort we are able to generate leads in many multibillion dollar companies. Some of the our leads include-

    • COO – one of China’s largest bank
    • CEO – one of the largest real estate conglomerate in Singapore
    • Chief R&D Officer - world’s largest beverage firm
    • CPO – one of the world’s largest insurance firm
    • CPO – one of the Hollywood’s biggest studios
  • Corporate Event Support

    Challenges: Companies are investing huge sums of money in event participation. This is done as a part of brand building and business development exercise. However, we have observed that most of the participations are poorly orchestrated and as a result the desired Business to Business (B2B) marketing objectives are not achieved.

    Solution: B2B Sales Arrow's marketing and branding events support team has worldwide experience in assisting our clients to generate more number of highly qualified B2B leads. Furthermore, our Event Effectiveness tool helps to monitor the return on investment (ROI) and to develop future event strategy

    B2B Sales Arrow specialize in

    • Developing and mapping Target Attendee List
    • Securing pre-scheduled meetings with decision makers, who are attending the eventtion on better brand positioning
    • Implementing time tested follow up process
    • Assistance in vendor identification and selection (entertainment, keynote speaker, logistics, hotels etc.)
    • Events Effectiveness Tool


    • Focused attention on target accounts and executives
    • Large number of qualified connections
    • Save time and effort for core activities
    • Increase return on investment (ROI) and time
    • Generation of more B2B qualified connections

    Past experience

    Some of the past events where we have delivered B2B Marketing and Lead Generation services are as follows-

    • One of Asia's largest sourcing platform event, Singapore
    • Flagship event of one of the world's best outsourcing company, Florida, USA
    • Largest Customer Service event for Utility industry, Houston, USA
    • One of America's biggest Sourcing and Procurement Event , Atlanta, USA
    • Europe's highly respected Marketing Analyst firm's event, London, UK
  • ROD (Research On Demand)


    • Are you looking for in-depth research on any particular company(s) or industry(s)?
    • Are you seeking information and research to penetrate a new market or geography?
    • Are you looking for competitor or market research for prospecting?


    B2BSA has come with a unique solution to address above challenges – Research On Demand. We provide customized pay-per-use research solutions to assist our clients take informed and timely business decisions. We are a one-stop shop for quality business research. Our deep domain (Business Development) expertise enables us to customize solutions for your specific needs.

    B2BSA specialize in

    • Market Research
    • Competitive Research & Analysis
    • Sales Intelligence

    Benefits to you

    • Leverage the best practices - learnt while working with multibillion dollar clients
    • Save time, energy and budget
    • Global research capability
    • Realize immediate result and make informed decision
    • Flexible Engagement Models

    Past Experience

    In last 2 years, B2BSA has delivered market research based business development projects for our clients in geographies such as US, UK, Europe, Middle East and LATAM. We have conducted market research across industries such as – Manufacturing, Technology, Retail, Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Telecommunication and Hospitality.

  • Database Development

    Challenges: In various sales and marketing researches it is observed that an average sales executive spends at least 30% of the time in target account list development and prospect data analysis. Furthermore, a lot of resource is again invested in searching the contact details of the key Business to Business (B2B) decision makers.


    B2B Sales Arrow’s database expert team uses search engine scripts, huge in-house database and subscriptions of world’s best in breed database to deliver the most updated contact details. Our experts also perform prospect data analysis, data mapping and data mining to assist our clients to develop B2B marketing strategy. Furthermore, we combine the qualifying parameters, as provided by our clients, and our past experience to generate extensive Target Account / Executive Lists.

    • Generating verified contact details of executives (name, designation, company, email, phone etc.)
    • Generating verified contact details of company (name, industry, NAICS code, revenue, profit etc.)
    • Providing consultation on qualifying parameters, market geography etc.
    • Data Mapping of the products and services of our clients with target prospects


    Past Experience: Our database experts have past experience of developing Target Account List for multiple sales teams, in different geographies, industries and services, of the biggest IT and ITES companies.

    • Improves the quality and effectiveness of prospecting
    • In the long run, creates an uninterrupted flow of prospects in sales pipeline
    • Preparing the ground work for marketing campaigns
    • Save time and resources for core business endeavors
  • Database Validation: Data Updating, Cleaning and Appending


    Many of the world renowned marketing surveys have concluded that every year at least 25% of the contact information present in the most updated client’s database gets outdated. The reasons range from executives changing their positions to changing their companies. Therefore, there is always a need of continuous database updates. This requires a lot of time and effort.


    B2B Sales Arrow helps in providing best in class database validation services by offering in-house database of more than 15,000 updated records and subscriptions to world’s best B2B databases providers. We assist sales team in B2B marketing by providing them with recently updated contact details of qualified prospects