Mumbai | 22 Oct 2021 With no alternatives available, the Covid-19 imposed movement restrictions forced organizations to switch to Virtual Events as a part of their event strategy. However, as vaccination campaigns worldwide encourage businesses to return to normalcy, industries and audiences are keen on leveraging the best of virtual and live event models. The excitement, engagement, and personalized experience of in-person events and the safety, convenience, global reach, and resource savings offered by virtual events lure both businesses and audiences alike.

“After a flood of Virtual Events, now Hybrid events have gained prominence in the post-COVID world. Addressing them as a substitute for the on-ground events won’t be apt; instead, they have helped bridge the gap between the physical and the virtual events”, said Paras Lohani, Founder & CEO B2B Sales Arrow

We expand on significant advantages that make hybrid events an integral element of an organization’s event strategy:

'Audience-first' Approach: Hybrid Events organizers prioritize the audience journey during the event planning process with an audience-first approach. With options of both in-person and virtual-only access to live content, the hybrid model allows attendees and planners more flexibility that drives enhanced audience experience.

Future Events Planning: Since the onset of the Covid-19, pandemic insurance cover on corporate events has mainly been unavailable or cost-prohibitive. In case of a resurgence in Covid-19 or another unforeseen scenario surfaces, live events will remain uninsured, and the organizations will risk losing their total investment.

The hybrid model of events allows organizations to safeguard against another pandemic or factors beyond human control. In case of cancellation of the in-person aspect of the event, organizers can always resort to the default virtual event component with no last-minute panic.

Hybrid Events Generate Actionable Data: The post-event analytics deliver actionable insights into various aspects of events such as in-person guest attendance and virtual attendee participation trends. The insights drive future event content optimization for effective targeting of the attendees.

Cost-effective Solution For An Improved ROI: Hybrid events are a cost-effective solution with a substantially reduced attendee headcount that minimizes the overall event overheads. With more extensive access to a global audience and significant onsite cost reduction, hybrid events possess the potential to scale down your physical event while enhancing your online presence.

Greater Access To The Best Thought Leaders And Renowned Keynote Speakers: The quality of an event is characterized by the reputation of thought leaders and keynote speakers it manages to onboard. Hybrid events offer a broader scope for businesses to associate with industry heavyweights, thought leaders, and keynote speakers who grace the occasion at comparatively reduced overhead expenses compared to live events.

Global Audience Reach: The hybrid model of events overcomes geographical barriers and logistical challenges to gain broader access to audiences worldwide. Thus, organizations can target diverse audience sets and multiply their lead generation opportunities.

About B2B Sales Arrow: Founded in 2012, B2B Sales Arrow is a value-based organization driven by a set of ten core values as its most prized possessions. Based out of Bangalore, we are a research-based Marketing Technology Company specializing in Corporate Event Solutions (Virtual & Live), Lead Generation, Custom Market Research, Corporate Media Production, Live Streaming, Database Development, Social Analytics, and Digital Marketing.